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Will Break Hamas Backbone, Reduce Its Gaza Hideouts To Rubbles, Vows Israel As War Enters Fifth Day

Will Break Hamas Backbone, Reduce Its Gaza Hideouts To Rubbles, Vows Israel As War Enters Fifth Day


Tel Aviv: Israel’s Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant, declared a shift to a “full offensive” against Hamas targets by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) as the counter-offensive following terror attacks intensifies, as reported by The Times of Israel. Addressing troops stationed along the Gaza Border, the Defence Minister stated, “I have released all restraints. We have regained control of the area and are moving to a full offensive.” He emphasized that Gaza will undergo a significant transformation, asserting, “It will never go back to what it was.”

“You will have the ability to change the reality here. Hamas wanted a change in Gaza; it will change 180 degrees from what it thought,” quoted The Times of Israel, echoing the minister’s remarks. Adding that Israel would not compromise and would use its might to eliminate those seeking violence, Gallant affirmed, “They will regret this moment; Gaza will never go back to what it was.”

Providing a glimpse into a potentially extended counter-offensive, he hinted at a future return to the area, stating, “We will return here, to Be’eri, in a few months, and the situation will be different. We will resettle the kibbutz until its last meter.”

Following Gallant’s address, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the top spokesperson for the IDF, emphasized that eliminating senior Hamas members remains a top priority, according to The Times of Israel. Hagari revealed that troops were actively pursuing Hamas terrorists in southern Israel following the multi-pronged terror attacks on Saturday, reiterating, “The directive to the forces is clear: Find terrorists and destroy them.”

He also mentioned a strong defence at the border and reported successful prevention of infiltration attempts by terrorists. Notably, the bodies of 103 terrorists were discovered in Kibbutz Be’eri, with Hamas responsible for the deaths of over 100 Israelis in the area.

‘We Will Break Hamas’ Backbone,’ Vows IDF


Lieutenant Col. Jonathan Conricus, the IDF spokesperson, emphasized on Wednesday that the Israeli soldiers are prepared to carry out their mission in Gaza, despite the toll on Israel. Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Conricus mentioned that 1,200 Israelis had lost their lives, with over 2,700 wounded. He stated that about 300,000 soldiers were deployed at the Gaza border, with the objective of ensuring Hamas loses its military capabilities by the end of the war.

In a live video on X, Lieutenant Col. Conricus added, “We have sent our inventory, armoured soldiers, our artillery cores, and many other soldiers from the reserves. 300,000 in numbers in different brigades and divisions and they are now close to the Gaza strip getting ready to execute the mission ordered by the Israeli government and that is to make sure that Hamas at the end of the war won’t have any military capabilities to threaten or kill Israeli citizens.”

He also provided insight into the increasing number of deaths in Israel, attributing them to victims of Hamas attacks.

IAF Strikes Over 200 Targets in Gaza


Amid the ongoing counter-offensive against Hamas, Israeli Air Force fighters conducted numerous strikes, targeting over 200 sites in the Al-Furqan neighbourhood, a known Hamas launch site for attacks.

The Israeli Air Force reported, “Dozens of Israeli Air Force fighter jets struck over 200 targets in the Al-Furqan neighbourhood–a terrorist hotspot from which Hamas devises and executes their attacks. This is the 3rd counterstrike in the area during the last 24 hours, in which 450 targets were struck.”

Additionally, dozens of fighter jets targeted over 70 sites in Darje Tupah in Gaza on Tuesday night, an area identified as a terrorist hub for Hamas activities. The Israeli security forces also targeted the house of Mohammed Deif’s father, the head of Hamas’s military wing, believed to be a key figure in the terror attacks, as reported by The Times of Israel.

As the war against Hamas entered its fifth day, the toll from rocket attacks and ambushes by the terror outfit in Israel climbed to over 1,200, with more than 2,700 injured and 50 confirmed as hostages or missing, according to the IDF. The IDF also reported over 4,500 rockets fired from Gaza thus far.

On the other side, the Health Ministry in Gaza reported over 770 Palestinians killed in air raids by the IDF, with another 4,000 wounded in the ongoing counter-offensive. The casualties include 140 children and 120 women, stated the ministry spokesperson.


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