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What Is Nukhba Force – Hamas Most Lethal Militia Unit

What Is Nukhba Force – Hamas Most Lethal Militia Unit


After a surprise attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel last Saturday, the Israeli security forces have intensified their response and are determined to punish the terror group. On Thursday night, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out a series of airstrikes on the Nukhba elite forces, a special unit of Hamas. The IAF targeted and destroyed their operational command centers, leaving Hamas stunned. These centers were used by the Nukhba operatives who raided Israeli settlements near the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

The IAF also bombed a senior Hamas naval commander, Muhammad Abu Shamla, in the Rafah Brigade. His place was a storage site for naval weapons, intended to be used for terror attacks against Israel. Here is the video of the airstrikes.

Who are the Nukhba Elite Forces?

The Nukhba elite forces are among the most skilled and ruthless militants that are handpicked by the Hamas leadership. Their mission is to carry out acts of terror such as ambushes, invasions, assaults and tunnel infiltrations using anti-tank missiles, rockets and snipers.

The Nukhba elite forces were behind the terror invasions into Israel, aiming to kill and harm its citizens. The conflict has reportedly resulted in at least 2,400 deaths on both sides so far.

Hamas Threatens Retaliation

The Hamas’ Interior Ministry said that Israeli strikes flattened two multi-story buildings without any prior warning. Many people were killed and injured in the bombings, mostly civilians. Hamas has sworn to kill Israeli prisoners if Israel attacks Palestinian civilians without warning.

An Underground Network Of Tunnels

According to Jonathan Conricus,ls a spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), Hamas has built a series of tunnels under the ground that connect Gaza City with other parts of the Gaza Strip since they seized power in the area in 2007.

He said that these tunnels are currently being utilized by Hamas members, such as the Nukhba force, to carry out attacks.

The IDF is now aiming at these tunnels and other Hamas facilities where high-ranking Hamas leaders are located.


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