‘There Will Be No More Jews Or Christian Traitors: Video Of Hamas Commander Mahmoud Al-Zahar’s Warning To The World Goes Viral- WATCH

Jerusalem: Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, a video of Hamas Commander Mahmoud al-Zahar issuing a big warning to the world, shedding light on the Palestinian terror group’s ambitions for global control, has found its way on social media. The video clip was shared by a verified handle on X (formerly Twitter) belonging to Amy Mek – an investigative journalist and associated with the RAIR Foundation.

The viral video clip, first shared by MEMRI TV in December 2022 featuring the senior Hamas commander, showcases his assertion that Israel is merely the initial target, and their ultimate goal is to expand their influence worldwide. This ominous warning follows Israel’s declaration of war on Hamas, prompted by a shocking attack that claimed the lives of hundreds of Israelis.

Zahar starkly stated in the video, “Israel is only the first target. The entire planet will be under our rule.” He continued, outlining their vision for a world devoid of injustice and oppression, criticizing the treatment of Palestinians and Arabs in various countries.



Shortly after this alarming video resurfaced, a warning came from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reaffirming his commitment to the ongoing fight against Hamas and declaring every member of the Palestinian group a target.

“Hamas is equivalent to Daesh (the Islamic State group), and we will dismantle them just as the world did with Daesh,” he asserted during a televised address.

Heightening Tensions: Hamas Threatens Retaliation


In response to the escalating crisis, Hamas members holding Israeli soldiers and civilians captive issued a chilling threat, warning of executing a hostage for each Gaza home struck by Israel without warning. However, there was no immediate confirmation of Hamas carrying out this threat.

Meanwhile, Israel responded by forming an emergency unity government, unifying efforts under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former Defense Minister Benny Gantz in a war cabinet.

Israel’s Unyielding Resolve And Troops Mobilization


As the Israeli military intensifies operations in Gaza, aiming to eradicate Hamas, Prime Minister Netanyahu compared Hamas to ISIS, highlighting the gruesome acts committed during recent attacks. He reaffirmed the nation’s determination to protect its homeland and declared every Hamas member a target.

Israel has mobilized an unprecedented number of troops in the last 48 hours, with Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari revealing the rapid and massive mobilization of 300,000 reservists by the IDF.

Global Call For Peace Amid Escalating Conflict


Amidst the escalating conflict, calls for peace and an end to violence intensify on the international stage, underscoring the urgent need for dialogue and a peaceful resolution. The world watches closely, hoping for a de-escalation and a path toward lasting peace in the region.

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