Home World news Rocket Hit When We Were Sleeping….: Israeli Resident Shares First-Hand Account of Hamas Attack

Rocket Hit When We Were Sleeping….: Israeli Resident Shares First-Hand Account of Hamas Attack

Rocket Hit When We Were Sleeping….: Israeli Resident Shares First-Hand Account of Hamas Attack


Tel Aviv: As the Israel-Hamas conflict intensifies it continues to wreak havoc on the lives of Israeli citizens, a lot of whom lost their houses in the barbaric rocket attack by Hamas. The residents of Yahuda Halevi in the South Israel are among those who suffered loss of homes, infrastructure and lives of civilians. The visuals came from the South Israel, Yahuda Halevi showed the devastating scenes of destruction and damage to residential houses and buildings.

One of the Israeli citizen Dima, whose house was destroyed in the Hamas attack on Israel expressed his pain and shared his experience of when the rocket struck his house.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Dima said, “While we were sleeping at night, a rocket was dropped and my house was completely destroyed and we suffered serious injuries.”.

He mentioned that his son was also injured in the attack and is being treated in the hospital.

Earlier, Yaacov, an Israeli national from Ashkelon, vividly recounted his upsetting experience, stating, “We came here because a rocket fell on our building… we have no shelter, we escaped thanks to local administration and they suggested that we should come here to this hotel, and this is a good place. My 11-year-old son, 2-year-old daughter, my wife and I are staying here.”

The fear and urgency felt by Yaacov and his family mirror the widespread anxiety and turmoil that have gripped residents in the region. Ashkelon, like many other Israeli cities and towns, has been the target of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, leading to a dire need for safe havens for its residents.

Galaia, another resident of Ashkelon, shares a similar sentiment, “My children and family are here (hotel) because rockets fell on the roof of our neighbour’s house, our windowpanes were broken… for one week, we have been staying here, now we don’t know if this place is safe… we want a new place… I want to tell my Prime Minister that… finish this terrorism as soon as possible.”

Galaia’s plea reflects the frustration and longing for an end to the ongoing conflict. The emotional toll it has taken on families and individuals cannot be overstated, as the daily threat of rocket attacks and the trauma of seeking refuge in unfamiliar surroundings continue to plague their lives.

The Israel Defence Forces said on Wednesday that 1200 Israelis were killed and more than 2,700 wounded since the Hamas attack began on Saturday. The IDF emphasised that the Israeli soldiers are ready to execute mission in Gaza.

Nearly 1,000 people have been killed and 5,000 others have been injured in Gaza after Israel launched a strong retaliation after the ‘surprise attack’ by Hamas, CNN reported citing Gaza Health Ministry. Today the Israeli Air Force attacked the Islamic University in Gaza City, which according to them served as a major training center for Hamas engineers.

The Israeli Air Force in a statement said “Fighter jets recently attacked the Islamic University, which serves as an important center of political and military power for the terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip and a training institution for the development and production of weapons. The Air Force continues with extensive waves of attacks in the Gaza Strip at this time as well.”

Israeli Air Force Chief of Staff, Brig. Gen. Omer Tishler, reviewed the IAF’s operational activity and said that the forces were operating on a multi-front attack.

“We will not concentrate on what was, we concentrate on what is happening here and now. The IDF knows how to operate in a multi-front manner as long as necessary.

We don’t differentiate between day and night – that’s what war looks like.” said Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Brigadier General Omer Tishler. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared Hamas with ISIS saying both terror organisations were the same and should be treated as such.


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