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Our Hands Are On Trigger, Warns Iran As Israel Gears Up For Major Ground Offensive In Gaza

Our Hands Are On Trigger, Warns Iran As Israel Gears Up For Major Ground Offensive In Gaza


TEHRAN: In the midst of Israel’s preparations for a potential ground invasion of Gaza, Iran issued a stark warning, demanding an immediate halt to aggressions against Palestinians. The Iranian Foreign Minister singled out the United States for steadfastly supporting Israel following the devastating Hamas attack that claimed over 1,400 Israeli lives. “If the Zionist aggressions do not stop, the hands of all parties in the region are on the trigger,” warned Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian, according to Reuters.

The relentless Israeli bombardment of Gaza has resulted in the loss of more than 2,670 lives, including over 700 children. Israel severed all essential supplies to the densely populated coastal enclave but recently restored water access to the southern region.

Iran emphasized the precariousness of the situation, cautioning that no one can guarantee control and non-expansion of conflicts. They urged those interested in preventing the war’s escalation to act against the ongoing brutal attacks targeting citizens and civilians in Gaza.

Half a Million Flee to Southern Gaza: IDF Reports


In response to Israel’s evacuation notice on Friday, approximately half a million people have fled northern Gaza for the south, reported the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson. This estimate accounts for roughly half of the population of northern Gaza, where the IDF is gearing up for the next stages of the conflict with Hamas.

The evacuation advisory followed a complete siege imposed by Israel on Gaza. The IDF has allowed safe movement for residents from the northern city of Beit Hanoun to Khan Yunis in the south, a distance of approximately 20 miles through rubble-strewn streets.

However, the influx of people has strained southern Gaza’s capacity. Shelters are overwhelmed, and the region is grappling with shortages of food, water, and fuel.

Israel ‘Has No Interest’ in Occupying Gaza: UN Ambassador


Israel’s UN ambassador, Gilad Erdan, affirmed that Israel has no intention of occupying Gaza but is committed to doing whatever is necessary to eliminate Hamas. He emphasized that Israel does not seek to rule over the lives of over 2 million Palestinians.

Rafah Border Crossing Set to Reopen, Says Blinken


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza is set to reopen to facilitate humanitarian aid. This decision followed a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Details of the reopening mechanism were not provided, but it is expected to enable aid to reach those in need.

Gaza Hospitals Face Imminent Fuel Shortage, Warns UN


Hospitals in Gaza are on the verge of a fuel crisis, with fuel reserves expected to last for only about 24 hours, according to the UN’s humanitarian office (OCHA). The shutdown of backup generators due to the fuel shortage jeopardizes the lives of thousands of patients. OCHA also highlighted the heavy and almost uninterrupted Israeli bombardments of Gaza, as well as the ongoing mass displacement of Palestinians.

Netanyahu Meets Families Of Hamas Attack Victims


In a significant move, Netanyahu met with the families of those who went missing or were held captive during Hamas’ assault on Israel. His office shared images of the Prime Minister consoling the relatives, as the families called for the return of their loved ones.

This visit followed previous criticism from the families, who accused the government of abandoning those detained in Gaza.

In response to a statement by National Security Council chief Tzachi Hanegbi, where he indicated that negotiations with Hamas would not occur, Netanyahu clarified his stance during the meeting with the families.

Israel has sent soldiers and tanks to its northern border with Lebanon, which is patrolled by the UN. It has also closed a four-kilometre (2.5-mile) wide area to civilians after deadly fire across the border with the Iran-backed Hezbollah group.


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