Home World news Occupation Of Gaza Would Be A Big Mistake, But Israel Has To Respond To Hamas Attack: Joe Biden

Occupation Of Gaza Would Be A Big Mistake, But Israel Has To Respond To Hamas Attack: Joe Biden

Occupation Of Gaza Would Be A Big Mistake, But Israel Has To Respond To Hamas Attack: Joe Biden


WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden has said that it would be a “big mistake” for Israel to reoccupy Gaza, but that Israel “has to respond” and “go after Hamas” after last week’s terror attacks — which he compared to the Holocaust — in an interview that aired Sunday. Asked by 60 Minutes if he agreed with a “total siege” of Gaza, Biden said he was confident Israel would act within the rules of war and there would “be an ability for the innocents in Gaza to be able to have access to medicine and food and water.”

Biden calls for humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza


Addressing concerns about a potential “total siege” of Gaza, President Biden voiced confidence in Israel’s adherence to rules of war and stressed the importance of ensuring innocent civilians in Gaza have access to essential provisions such as medicine, food, and water. President Biden urged the provision of aid supplies into Gaza and advocated for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor, allowing civilians to leave the enclave. He emphasized the necessity of a Palestinian Authority and a path to a Palestinian state.

US Intelligence: No Clear Evidence Linking Iran To Recent Attacks


President Biden clarified that there is currently no clear evidence linking Iran to the recent terror attacks in Israel carried out by Hamas. He reiterated that the administration continues to assess intelligence, but as of now, specific evidence connecting Iran to the attacks has not been identified.

Palestinian Authority President Condemns Hamas Attacks 


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas condemned Hamas’ attacks on Israel, emphasizing that they do not represent the Palestinian people. Abbas urged Israel to halt its aggression in Gaza and to protect Gazan civilians by facilitating the provision of essential supplies through a humanitarian corridor.

Israeli PM Meets Families of Missing Israelis, Vows Action Against Hamas


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the families of Israelis missing and held captive by Hamas. The meeting comes amid criticism from family members who claim the administration has not adequately addressed the detainment issue. Netanyahu assured the families of his commitment to work towards their safe return and reaffirmed the intention to act against Hamas.

IDF Chief Outlines Strategy To Counter Hamas


Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt. General Herzi Halevi outlined a strategy to confront Hamas. He expressed the IDF’s responsibility to enter Gaza, target Hamas operations, and destroy infrastructure to neutralize the terror group effectively. The chief emphasized the objective to achieve victory and ensure the safety of Israeli citizens.


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