Home World news Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Vows To Crush Hamas As Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza Deepens

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Vows To Crush Hamas As Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza Deepens

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Vows To Crush Hamas As Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza Deepens


Tel Aviv: In the wake of continued hostilities between Israel and Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared his resolve to defeat the Palestinian armed group Hamas, which launched attacks on Israeli border areas, resulting in the loss of hundreds of innocent lives on October 7. Speaking about the ongoing conflict, Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed that Hamas had underestimated Israel’s resilience, stating, “Hamas thought Israel would break, but we will break Hamas,” as reported by The Times of Israel.

During the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu and his ministers observed a moment of silence to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the devastating Hamas attack. He reiterated his determination to work in unity, sending a clear message both to Hamas and the world. 

Netanyahu emphasized, “We are working around the clock as a team, with a united front. Our unity conveys a clear message to the people, the enemy, and to the world.”

He also acknowledged the unwavering support for the front-line warriors of Israel, stating, “I saw our wonderful warriors who are now on the front line. They know that the entire nation is behind them. They understand the magnitude of the task. They are ready to act at any moment, to exterminate the bloody monsters that rose up against us.”

Netanyahu Mets Families Of Hamas Attack Victims


In a significant move, Netanyahu met with the families of those who went missing or were held captive during Hamas’ assault on Israel. His office shared images of the Prime Minister consoling the relatives, as the families called for the return of their loved ones.

This visit followed previous criticism from the families, who accused the government of abandoning those detained in Gaza.

In response to a statement by National Security Council chief Tzachi Hanegbi, where he indicated that negotiations with Hamas would not occur, Netanyahu clarified his stance during the meeting with the families.

IDF Targets Military Post On Lebanon Border


Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces reported that another military post on the Lebanon border was targeted with an anti-tank guided missile. The IDF intercepted some of the rockets fired from Lebanon and struck the launch site.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant pledged a “deadly” war against Palestinian terror groups in Gaza, vowing to change the situation permanently in southern Israel.

Humanitarian Crisis Deepening In Gaza: UN


Regarding the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Philippe Lazzarini, commissioner general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), expressed deep concerns. He noted the dire situation with critical shortages of water, electricity, food, and medicine, as well as an overwhelming number of people seeking shelter in UNRWA facilities.

Lazzarini emphasized that Gaza is running out of water and facing severe hardships, and he called for an immediate end to hostilities, the lifting of the siege, and the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to provide essential supplies.


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