Israel Declares State Of War After Rocket Attacks From Gaza; Residents Asked To Stay Indoor

The Israeli military today confirmed launching strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip as air raid sirens blared in Jerusalem following Hamas’ announcement of a new operation against Israel. Israel also informed that several palestinian militants have infiltrated into many cities and asked residents to remain indoor. At least three explosions were heard, prompting Israel to activate its anti-rocket defenses. The assault on Jerusalem is seen as a significant escalation by Israel. Earlier, Hamas’ military leader stated that over 5,000 rockets were fired into Israel.

The Israeli military reported the infiltration of several Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip into Israel and issued directives for residents along the border to stay indoors. This information was disclosed slightly more than an hour after Gaza militants commenced firing numerous rockets into Israel. Hamas mentioned that their military wing leader, Mohammed Deif, would release a statement later on Saturday.

Previously, the elusive leader of Hamas’ military wing confirmed a fresh military campaign against Israel. In a rare public address, Mohammed Deif declared the start of “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm,” stating that 5,000 rockets had been launched into Israel at the onset of Saturday. Israel also acknowledged an infiltration from Gaza.

Deif emphasized, “We’ve decided to say enough is enough,” urging all Palestinians to stand against Israel. Notably, Deif, a survivor of numerous Israeli assassination attempts, seldom appears in public.

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