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Did Iran Provide Weapons And Training To Hamas Fighters? US Says Probing Tehrans Link To Israel Attack

Did Iran Provide Weapons And Training To Hamas Fighters? US Says Probing Tehrans Link To Israel Attack


Washington: US authorities are investigating if some of the Hamas militants involved in the recent major assault on Israel received advanced training from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to both current and former US officials. They are also exploring the possibility that Hamas exploited recent Palestinian protests along the Gaza border fence to surreptitiously place explosives, which were later utilized to breach the Israeli barrier, as reported by NBC News. Confirming the advanced training and strategic placement of explosives would underscore Iran’s longstanding support for Hamas.

The well-coordinated attack, exceeding the sophistication of past Hamas operations, would not have been possible without decades of funding, weapons, and training supplied by Iran to the militant group, state present and former US officials.

Matthew Levitt, a former senior official in the Treasury and State departments specializing in counterterrorism, highlighted Iran’s extensive support for Hamas: “Hamas could not be a fraction of the group that it is — neither a political, social or religious entity nor a terrorist and militant entity — without Iran’s financial support, provision of weapons and training.”

The US is asserting that Iran is “complicit, in a broad sense” in the Israel attack, even though there is no direct evidence linking them. 

Iran ‘Complicit’ In Israel Attack: US 


White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan emphasized Iran’s substantial financial and material backing for Hamas, indicating their role in the conflict. He clarified, “As to the question of whether Iran knew about this attack in advance or helped plan or direct this attack, we do not have confirmation of that at the moment.”

These statements followed President Joe Biden’s strong condemnation of the attacks on Israel as “pure unadulterated evil,” underscoring Hamas’ avowed purpose to harm Jews.

Hamas Attack On Israel ‘Sheer Evil’: Biden


President Joe Biden strongly condemned the recent attacks in Israel, labelling them as “sheer evil” and emphasizing Hamas’ purpose to target Jews. The attacks have claimed the lives of over 1,000 individuals in Israel, including at least 14 American citizens. President Biden expressed his outrage at the brutal acts committed by Hamas, describing them as “pure unadulterated evil.”

Addressing the nation from the White House, President Biden recounted the horrific details of the attacks, including parents attempting to shield their children and the senseless killings of innocent civilians, including young people attending a peaceful musical festival. The President reiterated that Hamas’ avowed goal is to kill Jews, emphasizing the depth of evil in their actions.

President Biden spoke following his third conversation in four days with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, outlining the military assistance the US will provide to support Israel’s defense against these aggressions. Netanyahu had earlier conveyed that Israel, although not initiating the conflict, is resolute in ending it, highlighting the brutality imposed on his nation.

President Biden emphasized the strengthened security measures around “centres of Jewish life” within the US, denouncing hate and ensuring the safety of the Jewish community. He also acknowledged that American citizens are among those held captive by Hamas, directing efforts to share intelligence and deploy experts for their safe release.

Antony Blinken Will Travel To Israel: US


Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, is scheduled to travel to Israel and Jordan, reaffirming the US commitment to supporting Israel and engaging directly with key stakeholders in the region, according to the US State Department. Blinken aims to bolster Israel’s security and offer condolences for the victims of the recent attacks, solidifying US backing for Israel’s right to defend itself against aggression. 


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