Home World news BREAKING: Bodies of 1500 Hamas Fighters Found, Claims Israel As IDF Regains Full Control Of Gaza Border

BREAKING: Bodies of 1500 Hamas Fighters Found, Claims Israel As IDF Regains Full Control Of Gaza Border

BREAKING: Bodies of 1500 Hamas Fighters Found, Claims Israel As IDF Regains Full Control Of Gaza Border


Tel Aviv: Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the top spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces, emphasized on Tuesday that the military has successfully reclaimed full control of the Gaza border after Hamas militants detonated sections of the border fence during their attack on Saturday. Israeli forces also claimed to have found nearly 1,500 Hamas militants’ bodies within Israeli territory. Hagari confirmed that no terrorists had managed to infiltrate through the fence in the past day, and ongoing scans are being conducted to locate and neutralize any terrorists in hiding.

However, the IDF stated that a small number of terrorists are still concealed within Israeli territory, as reported by The Times of Israel. Sharing updates on the social media platform ‘X’, the Israel Air Force announced that the IDF had completed the evacuation of settlements near the Gaza Strip fence, excluding those with essential positions and exceptional cases.

Gaza-Egypt Border Closed: IDF


The Israeli military spokesperson confirmed the closure of the Gaza-Egypt border crossing, contradicting earlier reports of its temporary opening.

In response to heightened tensions in the disputed region, the Israel Defense Force has bolstered its presence along the Lebanon border with tens of thousands of additional troops, according to IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus.

The IDF’s report revealed that they had conducted extensive operations, involving 35 battalions, four lieutenant generals overseeing different sectors, and the commander of the Gaza Division, to clear the surrounding area.

Over 1600 Killed In Israel-Hamas War So Far


A recent report highlighted the toll of the ongoing conflict, with over 1,600 casualties on both sides and thousands injured since Hamas initiated its attack on Israel.

In a war update by the IDF, it was revealed that Gaza had fired approximately 4,500 rockets at Israel, prompting the Israeli Defense Forces to strike 1,290 Hamas targets in Gaza. As Hamas’ attacks persist, at least 900 Israelis have lost their lives, with over 2,616 people sustaining injuries, according to The Times of Israel.



To enhance support, the Israel Air Force announced the establishment of a 24/7 WhatsApp centre to address logistical deficiencies, ensuring prompt delivery of food, equipment, and logistics.

The Israeli Air Force reported that their fighter jets have been targeting numerous terror sites belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip, conducting extensive strikes on terror hubs like Rimal and Khan Yunis, critical areas for Hamas’s terror activities.



Qatar In Talks With Hamas, Israel To Swap Hostages For Prisoners


In a significant development, Qatar has engaged in urgent talks, attempting to negotiate the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza, in exchange for the release of 36 Palestinian women and children detained in Israeli prisons. The talks, conducted in coordination with the United States, are seen as a positive step towards de-escalation and peace.

The ongoing negotiations aim to end the bloodshed, secure the release of prisoners, and contain the conflict with no regional spillover, stated Qatari foreign ministry spokesperson Majed Al-Ansari, underscoring their commitment to mediate in the pursuit of peace.

The violence has resulted in over 1,600 casualties and has garnered international support for Israel while urging an end to the conflict and the protection of civilians.


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