BREAKING: 40 Children Found ‘Butchered’ In Israeli Kibbutz, Says IDF As Chilling Details Of Hamas’ Attacks Emerge

Washington: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have confirmed a harrowing assault on several Israeli kibbutzim by Hamas fighters, resulting in the brutal slaughter of women, children, toddlers, and the elderly. This gruesome act, described as an “ISIS way of action,” has shaken the international community as chilling details of Hamas’ barbarity emerge.

Israel’s i24 News reported, citing a senior IDF commander, the discovery of around 40 infants’ bodies, displaying signs of unimaginable violence.

Horrific Atrocities Revealed: A Gruesome Insight into Hamas’ Assault


In the aftermath of the appalling killings of babies, including beheadings, by Hamas militants, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) escorted a group of international journalists to the site of a purported massacre. The journalists bore witness to the devastation at Kibbutz Kfar Aza, near the Gaza Strip, where the remains of the deceased and the sickening stench of death permeated the scarred homes.

Kfar Aza, among the kibbutzim severely impacted by Hamas’ ground assault, witnessed unimaginable acts of brutality. This included decapitated infants, confirmed by Tal Heinrich, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Maj. Gen. Veruv recounted the relentless battle his soldiers faced against waves of terrorists, describing the horrific scenes where terrorists went from home to home, perpetrating atrocities against innocent families.

The official Twitter handle of the State of Israel also corroborated the tragedy, confirming the deaths of 40 babies at the hands of Hamas fighters during their ruthless attack.



Innocence Lost: Tragic Toll On Israeli Kibbutzim


In Be’eri, over 100 bodies were discovered, and civilians were killed and taken hostage in this kibbutz, home to approximately 1,000 residents. Heavily armed militants breached the heavily guarded border fence between Gaza and Israel, unleashing violence on the community.



Urim And Nirim


Further atrocities were witnessed in Urim and Nirim, underscoring the shocking toll this conflict has taken on innocent lives and communities near the border with Gaza.

US President Biden Condemns Hamas’ Barbarity


US President Joe Biden strongly condemned Hamas’ campaign of cruelty during a roundtable with Jewish community leaders, expressing disbelief at the confirmed pictures of terrorists beheading children. He assured Israel of US support, both domestically and internationally, and warned Iran to exercise caution.

President Biden also spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, reaffirming the commitment to assist Israel in its fight against Hamas militants. The US acknowledged that American citizens were among those held hostage by Hamas.

Hamas Denies Atrocities: International Community Calls For Peace


Hamas, in response, denied allegations of beheading children or attacking women, describing the accusations as fabricated and baseless. As the conflict continues to escalate, international calls for peace and an end to the violence intensify, emphasizing the need for dialogue and a peaceful resolution.

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