Home Top Stories Schumer, Romney rush into Tel Aviv shelter during Hamas rocket attack

Schumer, Romney rush into Tel Aviv shelter during Hamas rocket attack

Schumer, Romney rush into Tel Aviv shelter during Hamas rocket attack


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Republican Sen. Mitt Romney waited out a Hamas rocket attack in a Tel Aviv shelter on Sunday, Schumer said in a social media post

Schumer is in Israel with a bipartisan group of senators. He posted a photo of himself with Romey in the shelter. 

“While in Tel Aviv today, our delegation was rushed to a shelter to wait out rockets sent by Hamas,” Schumer said on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “It shows you what Israelis have to go through. We must provide Israel with the support required to defend itself.”

The group was having lunch when warning sirens went off and they were rushed into a shelter, Schumer said during a news conference. He said the sirens went off again ahead of the news conference.

Schumer, a Democrat, is the highest-ranking Jewish elected official in the U.S. He said he felt an obligation to visit Israel. 

“In the face of this horrific attack, we’re here to share a message in resolute solidarity,” Schumer said. “We say to Israel, America will stand with its ally, Israel. And I, along with my colleagues here, will lead the effort in the United States Senate to provide Israel with the support required to fully defend itself from this monstrous attack.”

More than 6,000 rockets have been launched from Gaza toward Israel since Hamas’ deadly incursion on Oct. 7, according to Israel Defense Forces. Many of the rockets have been intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome.

Schumer and Romney were joined in Israel by Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana and Democratic Sens. Jacky Rosen of Nevada and Mark Kelly of Arizona.

At least 29 Americans are known to be among the dead in Israel, a State Department spokesperson confirmed Saturday. Fifteen Americans remain unaccounted for, along with one U.S. permanent resident, according to the spokesperson. 

During their trip, the senators met with the families of some of those taken hostage by Hamas.

“Meeting today with the families of hostages has been something I will never forget,” Romney said at Sunday’s news conference. “And can only imagine, I can only imagine the horror in their lives. My heart reaches to them. My prayers join with yours to see those hostages returned to their loved ones.”


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