Friendship bracelets, novelty popcorn buckets and lots of singing: Taylor Swift ‘Eras Tour’ goes to the big screen

Will Bartow, 34, sported a Travis Kelce jersey, in honor of the rumors that Swift is dating the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. Swift was spotted cheering on Kelce at the Chiefs-Broncos game Thursday night.

“Funnily enough, I had already ordered this as my Halloween costume before Taylor ever showed up at the game,” Bartow said. 

His fiancée, Olivia Mattsey, 28, sported a “Loving him was Red,” T-shirt, referencing a popular Swift lyric from “Red.” The two didn’t get to go to the actual Eras Tour — they said the resale costs were too high, especially since they are planning a 2024 wedding. So this was Mattsey’s opportunity to experience the tour, which took the world by storm. 

“I will dance, I will sing, I will cry, probably,” she said before entering the theater. 

At first, the audience appeared reluctant to shake it off. 

But when “Blank Space” began to play, the theater turned into a party — and half of the audience stood up and ran to the front and began an impromptu dance party.

When Swift switched to the acoustic portion of her show on screen, the dance party in the theater ended, and someone screamed “It’s surprise song o’clock!” 

Swifties brought friendship bracelets, ready to trade them with fellow moviegoers.Kaetlyn Liddy / NBC News

The comment was in reference to how Swift performed two surprise songs at each of her concerts. Ahead of the concert film’s release, many were wondering which two would make the cut.

Some in the crowd sang along to the first surprise song, “Our Song,” from Swift’s debut album. Others could be seen wiping their tears as the second surprise song, “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” played.

As the weekend approaches, theaters continue to brace for the arrival of Swifties en masse. 

At Marcus Theatres, some locations are setting up stations to make friendship bracelets for the occasion.

At AMCs, specialty popcorn buckets featuring the Eras Tour logo on them (which are $14.99, including popcorn) are expected to sell out fast. 

“I had to justify this popcorn bucket to my parents,” said Natalie Shane, 19, who was at the Lincoln Center AMC on Thursday. “I was like, ‘Guys, this is gonna be used as storage. It’s not going to be thrown away. This is gonna be on display in my room.’”

Meanwhile, at Alamo Drafthouse theaters, singing is encouraged. 

“Even we know that there’s no possible way to not sing along when hit by the power of Taylor Swift,” the company wrote in its FAQ for the film. “So while there won’t be Rowdy Screenings per se, we’re definitely down with you getting a little rowdy at the screenings — within reason, of course. Let’s keep it fun and cute out there.”    

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