Home Sports Ravens question safety Hamilton’s ejection for hit

Ravens question safety Hamilton’s ejection for hit

Ravens question safety Hamilton’s ejection for hit


LONDON — Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton said he was never told he was ejected from Sunday’s 24-16 victory over the Titans, and many on the team questioned why he was tossed after his helmet-to-helmet hit on wide receiver Chris Moore.

“I didn’t even know I was ejected until someone on the defense said it,” Hamilton said. “I asked the refs who were near me, and they said they didn’t know what was going on. Nobody really told me I was ejected.”

Hamilton is the third player in the NFL to get disqualified this season.

On first-and-15, Hamilton delivered a crushing hit over the middle near the goal line midway through the third quarter. Hamilton’s helmet collided flush with the left side of Moore’s head. Moore, who is a former Raven, got up wobbly and headed to the locker room.

“I understood the flag,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “The ejection wasn’t explained to me on the field. They didn’t know on the field. [It] came from New York, I guess. That’s not something we’ve seen before. That’s a new one as far as I’m concerned.”

Baltimore inside linebacker Patrick Queen described it as a “tough call.”

“I don’t think he should have been ejected,” Queen said. “Was the hit kind of vicious? I mean not really. I know Kyle didn’t intentionally try to hit him in the head.”

Hamilton is unsure whether his hit was definitely a penalty.

“Is [the penalty call] made a 100% of the time? I don’t know,” Hamilton said. “But at the same time, it’s a call that was made. So, I don’t have really any quarrels with the call itself, but obviously don’t want to get ejected.”

Hamilton rewatched the play in the locker room after being sent from the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium field. He explained that he was playing the post route and had his eyes the quarterback. Once the ball was thrown, he broke on the ball.

“Split second, hit him, tried to get the ball out,” Hamilton said. “He came up, shaken up unfortunately. So, praying for him. Hopefully he’s doing well. Nothing malicious about it from my perspective. I wasn’t trying to hurt him. I wasn’t trying to do anything bad. I was just trying to get the ball out.”

Hamilton later added, “I wish I could take it back right now.”

Titans coach Mike Vrabel didn’t have an update on Moore after the game.

“Need to check in on him,” Vrabel said. “Saw him afterwards but have to go check on him right now.”

One play after Hamilton was ejected, Titans running back Derrick Henry scored on a 15-yard run to cut the Ravens’ lead to 18-13.

The loss of Hamilton was a major one for Baltimore. A first-round pick from a year ago, Hamilton entered Sunday’s game as the team’s fourth-leading tackler (29) and leader in sacks (three).

Even though Baltimore held on for the win, the Ravens weren’t happy with what happened with Hamilton.

“It was a quick decision on the ejection,” Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey said. “I’m not sure how those calls go or what goes into it. Obviously, that was unique.”


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